#1 Basic Demo

This scenario shows the revolutionary changes in user experience brought by Mopsus.

The malicious contract accepts BNB and claims to return more USDTs than the market price (but the returned USDT is fake!).

Step #1:

Connect Wallet: Connect to MetaMask (or another wallet) and switch to the BSC network.

Step #2:

a. Swap (Current Solution): The static analysis cannot prevent the scam, users don't know what to expect.

b. Pre-execute (BlockSec Solution): The Pre-execution intuitively shows the balance sheet change and funds flow for users to understand the transaction better.

* The funds sent to this contract can be retrieved by contacting us.

Trade tokens in an instant
0.0002 BNB per USDT
Slippage Tolerance
Connect Wallet
#2 Arbitrary Transaction Demo
This scenario shows that users can craft arbitrary transactions on ETH/BSC and pre-execute them on the latest block.

#3 Raw Transaction Demo

This scenario shows that users can pre-execute signed raw transactions. The current demo is for the BSC network.