Why do we need transaction pre-execution?

Web3 is a Dark Forest. Phishing, scams, and malicious contracts have caused billions of losses for users.

Static detection solutions can be spoofed when dealing with complicated DeFi interactions.

Malicious ContractMalicious Contract
Spoofed WebsiteSpoofed Website
Fast transaction pre-execution service
Our service provides easy-to-integrate APIs for rich information
Clear Balance Change
Intelligently shows the balance sheet change. Get a quick overview of profit and loss.
Evident Fund Flow Chart
Intuitively shows the flow of funds in a transaction. Easy for users to understand.
Advanced Risk Detection
Timely detects potential risks from multiple perspectives based on the pre-execution result.
High performance
Can be finished in milliseconds, 10X faster than the closest competitor's solution.
1XClosest Competitor's Solution
Why BlockSec

Industry-leading transaction pre-execution technique

Proven records of saving millions of funds in Web3

Endorsement from top exchanges and wallets


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